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Billiard tip company MAKO Tips is now donating .25 cents from each purchase to The Billiard Education Foundation.  


(October 7, 2021) A future-oriented brand is such a brand that is supporting the future of their industry, and MAKO Tips is becoming a prime example of this. MAKO Tips has recently announced that they will be supporting The Billiard Education Foundation with donations of .25 cents from each purchase of MAKO Tips products as a way to support the education of future youth looking to become involved in the sport.  


Since its founding, MAKO Tips has excelled at providing its customers with the highest caliber pool cue tip possible. Founded by experts and genuine enthusiasts of pool and billiards, their constant strive for pure excellence and attention to detail when crafting the ideal pool cue tip has earned them a place amongst the top names in the industry. They maximize the game play experience of each player through pool cue tips crafted to incite confidence in the player that each shot they take will be appropriately supported by their equipment, ensuring playability and consistency.  


The Billiard Education Foundation, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit charity dedicated to promoting a lifelong love of pool in youth and promoting billiards as a prime way of gaining life skills while providing them with high-quality education in the sport via youth programs and scholarships.  


The company has now announced they will be making donations of .25 cents to The Billiard Education Foundation for each purchase of a Mako brand pool cue tip made. A MAKO Tips representative spoke of their reasoning for such charitable contributions. “The education of future youth who are interested in learning more about billiards is essential. At MAKO, we firmly believe in supporting our customers’ love for the sport. Our products are made with customer feedback in mind to create the highest quality pool cue tips possible that will better their experience playing the game and really let them show off their skills. As the industry expands and more people get in touch with their love for pool, we want to be equally as supportive of introducing them to high-quality educational resources, and we know The Billiard Education Foundation has the same goal in mind.” 


Each purchase made of MAKO pool cue tips is now officially supporting The Billiard Education Foundation’s mission of supporting the youth that are the future of the billiard industry. To learn more about MAKO Tips or make a purchase via their online shop, visit their website at  


About MAKO Tips 

MAKO Tips produces high quality pool cue tips at affordable prices. Considered a class of their own, MAKO Tips provides exceptional quality for pool players who are looking for a top-tier experience with each shot made. MAKO Tips’ mission is to ensure customer confidence when playing in knowing they have the best caliber pool tip to support their game play.

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