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Product Details
  • 14mm, 8 Layers
  • Price is for 1 tip
  • Only comes in SOFT hardness, it plays like a soft, medium.
  • Efficient and Functional: The Mako cue tips have a superior design with 8 layers that provide maximum control and accuracy
  • Preserved Quality: The quality and freshness of our billiard cue tips are preserved in a hermetically sealed package to ensure that our customers get the best possible product. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we make sure to provide a superior quality product to our valued customers.
  • Superior Material: The Mako pool cue tip is made from premium quality Japanese pigskin that provides a smooth and responsive hit.
  • Easy To Use: The 14mm pool cue tips are very easy to be installed, and even beginners can do it conveniently. This easy to maintain tip is perfect for every pool player.
  • Control, accuracy, value, that is what Mako tips are all about. The best for less!
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