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Over the last 40 years I have played with many many different pool cue tips, always searching for just the right tip.  I found a few that were great tips and amazingly a ton of very bad tips.  Now let's be honest, each tip will play differently on each cue.  Don't let the advertising from the Big companies fool you by thinking they will play the same on all cues.

So I developed the MAKO pool cue tip.  The MAKO original is the first in my line of very high quality pool cue tips at very very affordable prices.

All our tips come in a hermetically sealed package to preserve the quality and freshness of the tip to insure you are getting the best tip possible.

Made from 8 layers of the finest Japanese pig skins.  14mm diameter, Easy install and maintain their shape

See for yourself why these tips are in a class of their own.

There are many things to look for when considering the proper pool cue tip. Of all the things to consider, we feel density, quality of material, and production technicalities are top on the list.

The quality of leather used in making a pool tip goes a long way in affecting play. For us at, we believe that the best pool experience is one in which the player is confident in each shot made, and this can only happen when the right tips are in place.

Do you prefer soft or hard tips?

While a good number of players believe that softer tips  give you more control over the ball, more English you can put on the ball. and a better 'feel' to each shot others believe medium tips are often preferred by professionals, as they tend to hold their form for more extended periods once you get them right (through scuffing).

Anyways we're not here to question your preference. Whichever cue tip you prefer if fine by us. Our job at is to make sure you have the best game each time you step to the table.

For best performance, we recommend you try out our various cue tips and pick the one that’s right for you.

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